Born and raised in the Antelope Valley, CA, Ton Jones is a self described hobbyist who has spent years hunting and fishing, as well as collecting knives, swords, guns, old currency and jewelry. Jones was introduced to storage unit auctions more than seven years ago when he was looking for old cars to take into the desert to wreck for fun, but what he found was a world specifically tailored to his unique skills.

Jones, an imposing figure standing over 6’0, 300lbs., is a renowned auction hunter in the Southern California area. Jones’ expertise lays in rare coins and weaponry, such as medieval swords, daggers and armor.

A self taught expert in the field, Jones has built his business on quick turnaround on many of the items he digs, including coins, guns, swords, and collectable baseball cards.

An accomplished animal handler and wrangler, Jones supplements auction hunting with his Reptile Rescue and Wildlife Services business that manages bobcats, mountain lions and venomous snakes.